“My friend, who I’ve known since school, is half-swiss and it’s not an understatement to say that she has liquid cheese running through her veins. So I’ve had my fair share of fondue over the years and will never miss the chance of a good’ol dunking. Haugens fondue brunch has been on my radar since it opened in September 2021, and it promises authentic alpine fare, fun vibes and décor that wouldn’t look out of place on the slopes of Austria. It’s name is even cute nod to an unsung hero of the first Winter Olympics and a celebration of London 2012.

The building itself is a towering establishment that occupies the corridor in between Westfield and The London Stadium, next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Its an absolute beauty; think sustainably sourced wooden beams with huge panes of glass. With such architectural brilliance on show, its no surprise that Haugen is brought to you by D&D London.”