Find all the home West Ham fixtures below for 2023/2024 season. Stop in at Haugen for the perfect pre or post game drinks spot. Our rooftop is always open with flowing steins of ABK beer for the warmer months, so why not try our BBQ menu? In the winter, we have warming fondues and rostis.

Saturday 19th August:  Chelsea

Saturday 16th September: Manchester City 
Saturday 30th September: Sheffield United

Saturday 7th October: Newcastle United
Saturday 28th October:  Everton

Saturday 11th November: Nottingham Forest

Saturday 2nd December:  Crystal Palace
Saturday 16th December:  Wolverhampton Wanderers
Saturday 23rd December: Manchester United
Saturday 30th December: Brighton & Hove Albion

Tuesday 30th January: AFC Bournemouth

Saturday 10th February: Arsenal
Saturday 24th February: Brentford

Saturday 9th March: Burnley
Saturday 16th March: Aston Villa

Tuesday 2nd April: Tottenham Hostpur
Saturday 13th April: Fulham
Saturday 27th April: Liverpool

Saturday 11th May: Luton Town